Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Dismal River Continued...

18th Hole, Par 4
In my last post I used the phrase "latest and greatest remote destination.." to exemplify the kind of golf course which creates buzz and excitement around the world of golf.  This year that golf course is Tom Doak's latest design at the Dismal River Golf Club, in Mullen, Nebraska.  It is a golf course successful in its virtue of modern minimal design.  I can say this with accuracy and truth as I have participated in the construction first hand.  Even the few holes which required significant earth movement, were only disturbed in part to connect fairway landing areas and add playability.  The 2nd and 13th greens required NO earth movement whatsoever.  They were both tilled, cleaned, and planted as we found them.
2nd Hole, Par 4

I believe all those involved in the project all believed in and tried to emulate the principles of design which Bill Coore and Ben Crenshaw pioneered at the Sand Hills Golf Club back in 1991.  Today both of these golf courses exist in remote and often harsh conditions.  Where Sand Hills has stood the test of time, Dismal River follows in its foot steps, adding to the wonderful golf experience that can be had in the Sand Hills of Nebraska.
 3rd Hole, Par 3

My contribution to the construction and design of the new course at Dismal River started by mowing out the prairie grass, but I was mostly on the business end of a rake.  No matter what the task it was a really special privilege to be a part of this vision in the Sand Hills and to help create a legacy for world class golf in this region.
 5th Hole, Par 3
6th Hole, Par 4


  1. That place looks so beautiful! It will be an awesome golf course for sure. Playing in a beautiful course actually brings out the best in you for you to not be distracted at all.

    Doug Dillenbeck

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