Thursday, June 28, 2012

Earlsferry Golf Links, Elie, Scotland

Before embarking on this trip to Scotland I would often read about the general quirk and variety of its golf courses.  I would not be disappointed at Elie. I walked up to the starter’s hut to the right of the first tee, just like many other golf courses. As I walked in, I noticed a chimney stack sticking out of the roof of the small hut. Much to my surprise that “chimney” was actually a periscope! The scope allows the starter to see over the swollen hillside just 50 yards in front of the 1st tee box (I of course stuck my head right in there to inspect if it actually worked). If not quirky, its certainly a unique and interesting way to begin a round of golf.

The second hole returns parallel to the 1st on a high plateau affording a view of the town and the golf course awaiting.

In an ocean side amphitheater most of the golf course is situated between the sea and a large mountain backdrop. Combined with some very good golf holes this setting proved to be exciting and dramatic.

Elie has also has several blind drives that require some local knowledge and more than a little bravery to negotiate, especially if the wind is up.
If you are staying in St. Andrews the drive to Elie is a short and scenic 20 minutes (1 hour from the airport in Edinburgh). The small town center is adjacent to the golf club, tennis courts, and soccer pitches. The course is not hard to find as it seemed to be the center of activity in town.  Overall Elie is forgiving and fun, making for a wonderful introduction to Scottish links golf.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Scotland 2012: My Travels in the Home of Golf

I am very fortunate this year to make my journey to the mecca of golf, Scotland.  My brother and I will be road tripping up and down the eastern links of Scotland, travelling from Edinburgh to St. Andrews, up to Aberdeen and Inverness and back to Edinburgh for the weekend.  I am particularly looking forward to our stay in the Kingdom of Fife, in the town of St. Andrews, where the game of golf came to life.

I'll be updating the blog with some photos and thoughts of the golf courses on my tour this week.  I hope my excitement and enthusiasm for these great links will be passed along to my readers.

Jeff Stein
Stein Golf Construction