Thursday, February 25, 2010

Giving Back to the game

I have had many thoughts about how to get into the profession of golf course design. One of my first instincts was to create inner city pitch and putt facilities. One such facility is going up in Detroit, designed by none other than my hero architect Tom Doak! He is supporting the midnite golf foundation, , in their efforts to help inner city youths escape their troubled neighborhoods.

I love the idea of giving back to communities through the game of golf and would love the opportunity to put my ideas to practice on small scale projects like this.

Here is the SI article describing Tom Doak's involvement in the Midnite Golf Program,28136,1967328,00.html

Monday, February 15, 2010

Summer Mackenzie Series: Pasatiempo

Pasatiempo was brought to life by the vision of Marion Hollins one of the great woman golfers of all time. Shortly after the success of her other pet project, Cypress Point, Hollins enlisted Alistair Mackenzie to once again produce a masterpiece upon a parcel of rolling hills just outside of Santa Cruz, California.
The front nine is draped effortlessly across large hillsides and several dramatic ravines are saved for the back nine. Dr. Mackenzie an expert in depth deception, fiercely guards his greens with many bunkers flashed up to appear next to the edge of the green. Not only do the bunkers provide visual intimidation but once on the greens golfers will find challenging contours to negotiate a par. On the 16th, I barely escaped disaster with a 3-putt bogey after hitting my ball above the hole on this famous green.

The 16th hole is the pinnacle example of strategy that the golfer is well advised to consider before attempting an assault on these greens. A round of golf here completely immerses the golfer in the task at hand and the beauty of the rolling hills around you. Simply put, Pasatiempo is pure golfing bliss from the moment you stick your peg in the ground on the first tee box to picking your ball out of the 18th hole.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Mr. Begley

I caddied for an Irishman last week at Cape Kidnappers and was priveleged to some interesting Irish story telling. We played the front nine in less than 1 1/2 hours, but the course was crowded on this day and we stopped after 9 for coffee and lunch. After lunch we were walking to Mr. Begley's ball in the right rough on #10 when a quick story came to mind. He began to tell me that he walked into a pub and sat down next to an old man at the bar and offered to buy him a drink. The old man politely declined and explained that four beers was his limit before lunch! On this day Mr. Begley confirmed a few notions of Irish golfers for me: they play fast, have fun, and enjoy a good drink before and after the round.