Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Caddying for Tom Doak

I awoke before dawn to prepare for a day caddying at the Bandon Dunes golf resort. A warm shower and two eggs over easy got me out the door by 6:00 am. "Jeff Stein, 10 minute call, Pacific Dunes." By 7:30 am I am introducing myself to my group. They are 3 people from Shanghai and one man from Fort Lauderdale. The group is composed of a Chinese golf developer, his two associates and a land planning executive, from Fort Lauderdale. They are at Bandon Dunes to absorb its beauty and to take notes.

I am carrying for Mr. Han Xiding. He is developing a resort which will host Mr. Doak's two newest golf courses on Hainan Island, in the southwest of China. The first course will break ground in November, on an island in the Nandu River. Mr. Doak told me that it would be the equivalent of putting a golf course on Roosevelt Island in NYC. This golf course will be adjacent to the capital city of Haikou. The second is going to be a large project at the northernmost point of the island, at Mulan Bay, with lots and lots of rocky coastline and sandy hills (

Tomorrow we will be joined by Tom Doak on his newest creation, Old Macdonald Golf links.