Sunday, January 17, 2010

Summer Series: Mackenzie

In June I drove with a friend down the Oregon coast into California on a mission, sent by the ghost of Mackenzie to see the excalibur of golf courses, golf's holy grail, Cypress Point. Simply driving the windy 17mile drive through the misty morning in Monterrey was enough to raise goosebumps. The entrance is unassuming, a small wooden sign, Cypress Point Club, members only. I was thrilled just to be standing in the parking lot! There is actually a photo recording the breadth of my smile in said parking lot, it was even broader as I stood on the 16th green tending the pin.

Cypress point is said to be Mackenzie's masterpiece, a golf course on land the designer said was unmatched in its beauty and variety. I have never seen such a natural place so meticulously looked after. The roots of this property are clearly seen in the crashing waters, sandy dunes, and colorful bushes. Like a fine piece of artwork hanging in a museum, the design of Cypress Point is framed in a wild and dynamic environment.
There is a pleasant rhythm to the walk around the golf course as the feeling of excellence never fades. The bunker edges are neat and fluffy with lone strands of fescue waving in the sea breeze and the greens are flawless.
I fear there is little I can add to the discussion of this incredible combination of wild beauty and sound golf design. My only hope is that my words and pictures can open a window of experience for anyone who is curious to witness heaven on earth.

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