Sunday, February 12, 2012

Paramount Country Club-- A Restoration, Before and After

Its always a thrill to return to a project and see your finished work.  With new construction this can mean waiting an entire year for the grow-in process to be complete.  In the case of our restoration work at Paramount CC we have gone from 2011 to 1921 in a matter of days.
Paramount CC 7th, before restoration
 Two bunkers were deleted, one from the right and left.  The grassing lines were also adjusted to match the squared off edges of the green with the fairway.  A great look, straight from golf's golden age.
7th hole--in-progress
The transformation happened so quickly in part due to the decision to re-sod all of the disturbed areas instead of re-seeding.  By transplanting sod locally from the nursery and other rough areas out of play, we were able to achieve a finished look very quickly.  

After restoration

Some might ask why not have new sod delivered to the areas of disturbance and the answer lies in the photo illustration below.  Bringing in "new" sod  from off site often leads to a mismatch in color and a look that might take years to blend in.
This was found at a top 100 golf course located in Westchester County.   Clearly the sod surrounding this new sand trap was transplanted from another  location, not a good look.

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