Tuesday, March 16, 2010

57 Holes at Cape Kidnappers and Shultze's Quest for the Top 100

I just caddied for Bill Schultz, a fellow GCA'er, at Cape Kidnappers this week. It was course #93 on Bill's quest to 100. Although dedicated and passionate about golf, anyone who would embark on such a mission must be a truely sick individual (he is a good man nonetheless, Bill brought his family to NZ to share in his journey). While caddying I thoroughly enjoyed the non-stop banter about the merits of one hole to the next and many other thoughts about the game.

Our first 36 holes flew by, and we were subject to two different wind directions in the same day, a real treat for someone who really enjoyed the golf course. The next day included a 3 hole warm-up followed by some circumnavigating through the fescue back to the first tee for the real 18. I dutifully waited on the first green as I watched Bill hustle back to the tee. In my time as a caddy I have met a lot of people and seen a lot of things but Bill is clearly an all-timer. I have a lot of love and sympathy in my heart for golfers like Bill mainly because I see a little piece of myself in his love for the game and its playing grounds.

Kudos to Bill and any others on their way to the Top 100!

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